Bride & Groom doing a stage diveEvery wedding is unique. I have photographed very small and intimate weddings (just a few hours) and weddings that have gone celebrating for 3 straight days. I am there to tell your story so I will stay for as long as you need me. Personally, I prefer to start with the bride and the groom getting ready and finish at the top of the party, but I will help you finding what option suits best your wedding.

You won’t need to pay for time where I am not needed. You also won’t have to worry if you are running a bit late, (it happens all the time!), I’ll make sure that the moments you wanted captured will be captured.

What I think you should remember is that if it was important enough as to plan it, then it is important enough to be included in your story. Memories eventually fade, (unfortunately faster than we think!), and it becomes essential to hold on to something to tell us the stories and remind us of the small details.

The decision is all yours.

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