The not so first post


This year could’ve not started any better. I have this new website ( exclusive for wedding photography. It’s job is to provide a first point of contact and inspiration for brides, grooms and fellow photographers in Europe and around the globe.

Soon after this one, I’ll have up and running and it will be directed specifically to brides, grooms and photographers from the Netherlands and Belgium. (Hey, if the Dutch Antilles find it too, that’s an added bonus!)

That doesn’t mean that Unveiled Photography (both the international as the local versions – .nl) is forgotten. I have big plans for it!

2015 is also bringing a new studio. We’ve been working very hard on making it a wonderful place of inspiration, learning and fun times. I have already done a few (mini) sessions there and can’t wait to have it fully operational. I am seriously excited about this!

Once the studio is fully operational, I’ll start with one of my “secret” and more anticipated projects. Website names have been secured and soon I’ll send out invitations to a selected group of past clients to come and join me in the studio for the first “trial” runs. Places for this are very limited so, if this sounds like something you would like to be part of and want more details, get in contact as soon as possible!

And the icing on the cake is the fantastic news that one of my photos was nominated for the BruidsFoto Award. This is the most important wedding photography award in The Netherlands. Knowing the number of fantastic wedding photographers here, it is definitely a privilege to be there. This is not only the result of my hard work and constant investment to stay creative and producing the best photos possible for my clients but also the result of the trust laid on me by brides and grooms. Thanks to the great connection we achieve during your photo sessions, I am free to be creative and try things.

Next stop? WPPI! (OK… let’s not get ahead of ourselves here…) What matters to me in the end is that you love your photos, today, and in the years to come, and that I feel realized as a creative wedding photographer. In the end, no great photo started with “say cheese!” (I’m patenting that phrase! Can I?)

This was a bit of a too long didn’t read! That’s how excited I am. I promise to keep them short from now on.

I’ll try to make this 2015 the year that I fully commit to keeping up my blog. We’ll see!

Nos vemos!


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